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The "Simple" Version

How can something expensive like an iPod be Free?
Well, actually, it is bought by someone, but (and most importantly) not you! Your gift of choice is bought by the Freebie Company (FreebieJeebies), and sent to you for Free.

Where does the Freebie Company get the money to buy the gift?
When you sign up, you have to try out an offer from one of many reputable companies (Sky, BT, The AA, Vodafone, GameFly, Intuit, ASDA, Equifax etc.). Now, these companies want you to try out an offer from them, just to see if you like what they have to offer you. They see you as a "potential customer", as you may or may not decide to carry on with whatever they offered you with. So, for example, Intuit (an easy website making site) offers a 30-Day Free Trial for you to try out. You sign up for the Free Trial and make a website with their simple drag-and-drop website tools.
The Freebie Company then gets paid by the company you chose to try out the offer from (these are called commissions), because they gave them a "potential customer". They use some of this money to buy you your Gift of choice, and keep a small percentage as a profit.

Hmmm... I thought you said the "Simple" version?!
Ok, Ok! Companies use TV advertising, Billboard advertising, Posters, Magazines ads etc. These can cost a hefty amount, sometimes reaching upto a whopping £100,000! As more and more people use the Internet, it's only logical to advertise online. Paying out for iPods, iPhones, PS3s etc. for people to see adverts online and try them out is a fraction of the cost they would pay for "offline" methods. It's a Win-Win-Win situation, as everyone benefits!

Here's a table with the info...

Who Spent How Much Received
You Nothing. £0.00! A new Free website trial, a new bank account with £100 cashback
or some Free Video Game rentals etc. AND your Free iPod!
Freebie Website £130 on an iPod. 6-8 commissions of around £20 - £30 pounds each from
the Companies Advertising. They get a profit of upto £50-£80
Advertising Company £120-£150 which, compared
to TV or Billboard ads, is very little.
6-8 new potential customers who have tried out the offer and may
like what the company has to offer and stay with them.

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The "Detailed" Version

Go on then, a bit more details please!
Good to see you're interested! You see advertisements literally everywhere on the Internet: Google, Facebook, YouTube, MSN, Blogs, Forums etc. When a person clicks one of these ads and then goes on to make a purchase or tries out a service (eg. on the MSN website, you see an ad about a deal on Sky+, you're interested so click on it. The deal takes your fancy so you then go on to purchase Sky+), the website that the advertisement was on gets paid by the company that was being advertised (So in this example, Sky, the company being advertised, would pay MSN, the website the advertisement was on!). This is because the website has now just given the advertised company a new customer. This is what we call Affiliate Marketing.

I understand what Affiliate Marketing is... How does this relate to getting Freebies?
Good question. Normal websites that get paid for showing advertisements, like to keep all the money they get. They get paid because of us (people browsing the site), shouldn't we get something back?! Here's the clever part where the Freebie Websites come into the picture! Freebie Websites, such as FreebieJeebies, have realised that it is only fair that we, being the people who make the "Affiliates" their money, are given rewards for our part. So, when a person signs up to FreebieJeebies and chooses to try out an offer from an advertising company, be it a Free Trial offer or a Cheap £5-£10 offer, FreebieJeebies gets paid (like other websites) by the company being advertised. They then use this money to buy whatever gift was chosen.

Ok... Surely they don't get paid enough to buy an iPod.
This is where your friends and family join in! The Freebie Website gets paid around £20 to £30, depending on which offer is tried out. When you tell your your family and friends to join as well, and they go on to also try out an offer of their choice, the Freebie Website gets paid more commission (money). All these commissions add up and the cost of your gift is made up!

There has to be a catch! What's in it for the Freebie Website?
There is no catch! The Freebie Website gets a bit of profit after buying you your gift. Say they get £20-£30 for 3 of your friends and family trying out an offer each, and the gift you want costs £50, they get around a (£70 - £50 = £20) £20 profit. It doesn't seem much but all the small profits add up and the Freebie Website is happy as well!

How comes I've never heard of this before? Has it ever been on the TV and Magazines?
Although most people have not heard about FreebieJeebies, a lot of people have. FreebieJeebies has over a Million users. What puts people off is the simple fact that they think it's some sort of scam. The Internet can be a scammers haven and because of this people are scared to read and listen to anything that sounds out of the ordinary as it might be a scam. The Freebie Websites, as fully explained above, are definitely not a scam! It's just another way of advertising. A lot of Reputable Companies, such as Sky, The AA, BT, ASDA, M&S, Vodafone, GameFly, Intuit and many other companies, have partnered with this method of advertising with Freebie Websites. As for whether this has been on the TV etc. it most certainly has! The BBC, CNN, NBC, The Gadget Show, T3 Magazine have covered this. Below are some clips of the footage...



Here are a few clips from the TV Programmes that have covered the Freebie Websites on their show:

Channel Five's The Gadget ShowRefer to "FreebieJeebies" as a Legitimate Website

The Gadget ShowApology to FreebieJeebies

Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show' had an episode about Online Protection and Web Scams. In that episode they inadvertently showed an image of FreebieJeebies. They looked back at it and realised that they had made a mistake, so decided to apologise and make clear that FreebieJeebies is a "Legitimate Incentives Website" that "Rewards their Users".

BBC NewsnightTom Carver Reports about 'Free iPods'

The BBC, NewsnightIn Depth Report on Freebie Websites

The BBC's Newnight programme decided to look into the Freebie Website business to check out it's legitimacy. This report shows how many people around the world have been have been benefiting from sites like FreebieJeebies. This report is quite old so here they refer to an old Freebie Website that was just open to the US that only gave out iPods. FreebieJeebies is a better Freebie Website as it is open WorldWide and you can get anything you wanted for Free, whether that be an iPod or a Microwave!

CNN Hot WiredCNN's Report on 'Free iPod' Websites

CNN, HotWired ReportReport about Freebie Websites

CNN also had a look into incentives websites to see what it was all about. The report clearly shows that with a little bit of patience you too could be getting your hands on the latest gadgets. As above, this report is was made in the days when there were not many Freebie Websites out there. FreebieJeebies is the best Freebie Website online as it is open WorldWide and you can receive any gadget you want from them.

NBC ReportNBC's Report on 'Freebie Websites'

NBCReport on Freebie Incentives Websites

NBC decide that they don't want to be left behind and they too report on incentive websites like FreebieJeebies. An in-depth report shows how it works and what people have been receiving. Yet again, like the two reports above, this report was also made when there was only a handful of Freebie Websites that had limited options. FreebieJeebies is the best in the business now. They have brilliant customer service and are always looking for ways to improve.

So where do I sign up?

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