How does this work?

In order for you to receive your Free iPod or other free gift of choice, you need to complete one advertised offer. When you do this, the Freebie Website, FreebieJeebies, gets paid commission from the advertised company and they use this money to buy you your Free Gift.

Have you got any proof?

Yes, Check out the How it Works and Proof Page for many video clips from TV Networks with reports on how the Freebie Websites work and how this is possible.

What do I have to do to get my Free iPod, Free iPhone or other Free items?

There are 3 things you will need to do to get your Free Gift of choice:
1. Sign Up and Complete an Offer
2. Refer some Friends and Family to do the same
3. Wait for youe Free Gift to arrive!

What offers are there? Are they reputable?

There are many offers to choose from. You only ever need to complete ONE offer, be that a Free Trial offer or a Cheap £5-£10 offer. Some of the Reputable Offer companies that are advertised are:
SkyThree MobileVodafoneLoveFilm DVD RentalsGameFly Games RentalBTThe AACoralIntuitSonyASDAKing Jackpot
And Many Many More

Now think about it, would reputable companies partner with a "scam site"? Nope. Of course not!

What is a referral?

A referral is a person who signs up under your referral link and completes one offer. A unique link will be given to you when you sign up to FreebieJeebies, which you give to your Friends and Family to go to and sign up. This link is just a way to to keep track of how many Friends and Family you have told to sign up.

Can I receive more than 1 gift?

Yes, you can get as many gifts as you can! Once you get your first gift, there will be a little "reset" button for you to press. You can choose the same gift or any other one. If you have spare referrals from your first gift, you can use them for your second gift (and so on), spare referrals are not wasted.

Will I be charged any shipping or delivery costs?

No, The Freebie Website will cover the cost of any Postage and Packaging required to send you your Gift!

Can I take the Cash alternative? What is Custom Order and how does it work?

Yes, you can take the money alternative. Custom order is when you either take the Cash Alternative OR any item that is not shown on the FreebieJeebies Gifts page. If you want the Cash Alternative, there is a section on the Gifts page on FreebieJeebies that lets you choose how many referrals you want to swap for Cash. Cash is given at £17 per referral or any other currency at the same rate. If you want an item that is not shown on the Gifts page, you will need to contact FreebieJeebies via their Support Page and give them a link the Item you want. They will tell you how many referrals you need and sort it out for you.

Will I get spammed?

FreebieJeebies will never spam you and will never sell or misuse your details in any way. They take your details so that they can contact you when required (hardly ever) and to know where to send you your Free Gift. They have a strict Privacy Policy and they are a Registered UK Company.

Why are some offer companies asking for CC details? I thought they were Free?

FreebieJeebies will never ask for your CC details. The Offer companies might ask you for CC details for Verification Purporses. They will not charge you for the Free Trial period. Remember that if an Offer Company does ask for CC details, then it is a reputable company who is doing so, one that is used to handling CC details on a regular basis with the best security checks online.

What if I can't complete an offer, What can I do?

If you can't complete an offer for any reason, then FreebieJeebies has a solution to that. All you need to do is get 3 extra people to Sign Up to FreebieJeebies and this will be counted as a completed offer. You only do this once and the completed offer status will be shown always, even when you get your first gift.

Can I refer people that live in the same house as me?

Unfortunately, No, You cannot. This is because, FreebieJeebies have experienced fraud with people trying to exploit the system and signing up from the same household was one of the most common causes. The people who live in the same house as you can join FreebieJeebies from another computer from somewhere else and the offer they complete has to be with their details.

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